Summary: CADD score for functional prediction of a SNP. Please refer to Kircher et al. (2014) Nature Genetics 46(3):310-5 for details. The larger the score the more likely the SNP has damaging effect.

CADD GRCh38-v1.4

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Higher values of raw scores have relative meaning that a variant is more likely to be simulated (or "not observed") and therefore more likely to have deleterious effects.

Scaled scores are PHRED-like (-10*log10(rank/total)) scaled C-score ranking a variant relative to all possible substitutions of the human genome (8.6x10^9).

Please note the following copyright statement for CADD: "CADD scores ( are Copyright 2013 University of Washington and Hudson-Alpha Institute for Biotechnology (all rights reserved) but are freely available for all academic, non-commercial applications. For commercial licensing information contact Jennifer McCullar (

  • reference_genome: hg38/genomes/GRCh38-hg38


id type default annotation description histogram range
cadd_raw float


CADD raw score for functional prediction of a SNP. The larger the score the more likely the SNP has damaging effect HISTOGRAM FOR cadd_raw [-6.458, 18.301]
cadd_phred float


CADD phred-like score. This is phred-like rank score based on whole genome CADD raw scores. The larger the score the more likely the SNP has damaging effect. HISTOGRAM FOR cadd_phred [0.000, 99.000]


Filename Size md5
genomic_resource.yaml 2.33 KB 2936564b79f2341e06fbc018fc25ce98
histograms.old/CADD_phred_gs 1.47 KB 6908692b779bee7c046db934802ad679
histograms.old/ 393.0 B 7ab7293577e327d484a8b164e3fea70b
histograms.old/CADD_phred_gs.png 17.32 KB 0f1c2ccd4ed7def8fbf4de8f9bb2ac52
histograms.old/CADD_raw_gs 2.2 KB 4678193de8f0ca876ce207807f13e1d3
histograms.old/ 390.0 B 884f20ec32d4b7073b44164ac69ba167
histograms.old/CADD_raw_gs.png 16.9 KB eee6a728841d28d4be2aaed5af39a1c3
whole_genome_SNVs.tsv.gz 79.42 GB c33f623e3a06e07c1d3084ef56b1dd5a
whole_genome_SNVs.tsv.gz.dvc 99.0 B e939fe34a4c17f94a45293ba32e76f9a
whole_genome_SNVs.tsv.gz.sha256 91.0 B 8cc8a9f5d28923cde75210df1eb8a89b
whole_genome_SNVs.tsv.gz.tbi 2.64 MB 3e45a956b3cc29d00ad21e50f32537b7
whole_genome_SNVs.tsv.gz.tbi.dvc 99.0 B b25cc3fda37030edd4ee835e80e366ef
whole_genome_SNVs.tsv.gz.tbi.sha256 95.0 B ca1708a6ed8268d7f4c1b44449f4e434